Radical AZ: A Timeline of Direct Actions 2010-2018

We are happy to present our first publication, a timeline of radical action in Arizona over a period of nearly a decade. PDFs available below.

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The introduction explains,

“Arizona has a vibrant recent history of resistance. Overlapping struggles by anarchists, anti-fascists, anti-colonial and indigenous autonomists, border and immigration justice organizers, environmental activists, prisoners and prison abolitionists, anti-racists, and anti-capitalists have resulted in creative blockades, lockdowns, occupations, rowdy marches, clashes with the cops, and more rabble rousing then we could ever hope to list here. And while there can be no doubt that the diversity of our struggles and our communities is our greatest strength, sometimes the stories of our achievements and the lessons from our defeats stay confined to our particular activist organizations, crews of trusted troublemakers, or circles of friends. With this in mind, we would like to offer up this (surely incomplete) timeline of resistance and repression. We hope it can be used to position ourselves and our readers in an ongoing project against all oppression, as a tool in plotting our current rebellious trajectory in light of years of foundational work, as a documentation of what has been shown to be possible here, and as an indication as to what might be possible yet.”